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Due to recent events, ASU-TV meetings are cancelled for the rest of the Spring 2020 semester. It is unfortunate, but the safety of our students, staff, and volunteers is important to us. Check back here for any updates.

Please take this time to protect yourself and others. Take this time as an opportunity to keep yourself entertained and productive. Visit your family, pick up a new hobby, do those things you keep putting off, or watch our channel for the time being.

Wash your hands, practice social distancing, stay health, and (please) stop buying all the TP.

Thank you for understanding.

Looking for something else to watch?

Well, the search is over. ASU-TV's new line-up is here!

- Name of the Game is a new game show that is taking the campus by storm. Players compete head-to head in some rather interesting challenges.

- ASU-TV Rewind brings our collection of archive footage to the public. Anything from past ASU Red wolves football games to concert footage, we got it all straight from the vault!

- Let's Play A-State combines video-game play throughs with commentary from Brandon Evans and other guests.

Check our new show schedule to keep up with these newcomers and old favorites. Don't forget to watch ASU-TV on Suddenlink channel 18, Facebook, and Youtube.

New shows are on the way! Get ready for some exciting new additions to our lineup. Does this mean all of your favorites are gone? Nope! Go to our new Archives page to enjoy your favorite shows again.

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