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  • What is ASU-TV?
    ASU-TV is a television station located in the School of Media and Journalism on the Arkansas State University-Jonesboro campus. You can watch us on Suddenlink channel 18.
  • Do you have to be a School of Media and Journalism student to join?
    All students of different majors and classifications are always welcome.
  • Are there meetings? If so, how often?"
    You can keep up with our meeting dates and times by joining our GroupMe or checking the "Announcements" tab.
  • What opportunites does ASU-TV have for students?
    At ASU-TV, we believe that experience counts. There are plenty of opportunites for students to learn new skills or improve current skills. Opportunities include: - producing your own shows - scriptwriting - broadcasting - working with studio equiptment (switcher, camera operation, audio, etc.) - social media/website management and so much more. We also have an EXP calendar under the "Current Students" tab for students in Experiental Media I and II classes to earn hours towards that class. Feel free to explore those opportunites as well.
  • Does ASU-TV have paid positions? I need work experience...
    Yes! Paid staffers are selected each semester through an application process. Unfortunately, there is only a limited number of paid positions available. For information on available positions, contact Dustin Sullivan at
  • Do you have to be a paid staff member to produce a show?
    No! You are welcome to pitch show ideas/produce your own show at any time. In fact, we encourage it. It gives you an opportunity to improve your skills and learn new things. Plus, it looks good on your resume and portfolio (that's always nice). However, if you are not a paid staff member, you will not be paid for your time. Producing your own show does not automatically put you on staff.
  • I have a show idea, but I am afraid that it isn't any good. Should I pitch it?"
    You never know unless you try. Go for it. It's always good to receive feedback. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." -Wayne Gretzky
  • Where is the Equipment Room?
    The Equipment Room is located in Ed/Comm Room 157. It's down the hall from the main ASU-TV door right before you get to the double doors (If you walk into the print shop, then turn around. You have gone too far...).
  • What are the Equipment Room hours/Equipment Checkout rules?
    Visit our Equipment Room Information page for more info.
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