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Take a 360 Tour!

of the facilities the A-State School of Media and Journalism has to offer!

ASU-TV Studio
Multimedia Lab 

ASU-TV is an organization for any A-State student interested in a career in media. ASU-TV gives students numerous professional and academic opportunities both on and off campus, in subjects such as multimedia journalism, creative media production and sports production.


Facilities include a studio, control room, and multimedia lab (Room 155B) that is open to all SMJ students. 

ASU-TV Control Room
Red Wolf Radio

Red Wolf Radio is designed to engage students in the world of radio through hands-on experience and establish professional relationships with outside media outlets.


Facilities include the Red Wolf Radio office consisting of a lobby and live radio booth along with 3 recording KLabs open to all SMJ students.  Learn more about Red Wolf Radio here. 

Red Wolf Radio - Lobby
Red Wolf Radio - Booth
Delta Digital News Service (DDNS)

Established in August 2016, the Delta Digital News Service primarily serves Northeast Arkansas. It provides an educational experience for students, promotes community discourse in the Delta, investigates policy effects on lives in the region, and creates content partnerships with regional outlets.

Facilities include the Delta Digital News Service office. Learn more about Delta Digital here. 

Delta Digital News Service Office
The Herald

The Herald at Arkansas State University is a weekly student newspaper serving the campus community.

The newspaper is printed on campus by A-State Printing Services  Learn more about The Herald here. 

Herald Newsroom
A-State Printing Services
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